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Modeling Industry Lies & Misgivings

Written By onci on Friday, October 15, 2010 | 2:08 PM

By: Justin Gold

Because every hooker refers to themselves as models and because you may have a family member that has been jilted by a so called “model”, lots of fathers refuse to let their young aspire to become models. Models, worldwide, have been everything from druggies to party animals switching mates faster than a pent up college co-ed freshly let loose on a campus full of randy males. A true model is a model human being, actually superior to the above types while often humble and understated, a real lady or gentlemen worthy of an investment in proper training. Such an investment in life skills will totally prevent their ever becoming the types above.
When it comes to explaining to Dad (who skipped your modeling interview) that you realize you need a modeling course, most Dads would rather have a riding lawnmower than see you off to what they believe to be a seedy profession. Only the parent that places your needs first will see this investment as part of the reason for your ultimate success in life, whether or not you ever decide to model.
The modeling course is mandatory only if you really want to model. All those lies that you heard on TV from big modeling stars about never taking a professional modeling course, are contradictions from the mouths of those who wouldn’t be on television if they had not been formally trained. These same people that changed their TV show height requirements from 5’10” to 5’4” are proving their own lies to you.
When you hear a BIG NAME agency and you think, “If they accept me, I’m IN” = joke. How many thousands of people before you went in only to discover that some of the biggest agents have fallen back on their payments due their top models and are trying to make these losses up by selling you a photo shoot for $700 and then COMP cards for $700 more.  Only after you spend $1500 to $2500 on having been “discovered” will you realize that these agents are normally only going to continue placing their same old regular trained models. Models who know the ropes get the work on a request and demand basis – not because they paid for comp cards but because artistic directors and casting agents demand professionalism. Remember this: sleeping with your modeling agent will never get you a big gig because your agent is not in control of hiring – only sending applicants.
Why would any agent that wants to sell you their photography and comp card services, want you to shop elsewhere for training. They tell you that they will “show you the ropes”. They will probably show you just enough rope to hang yourself. If you have ten years to learn what any excellent modeling school or finishing school could have taught  you in ten weeks then perhaps you should listen to them.  Remember that most modeling opportunities have been missed by age 25. As soon as your face begins changing to the point where photo shop skills become mandatory, the opportunity shifts to youth. Do you have ten years to learn your skills?
In my recent experience I have noticed that too many photographers are now proclaiming expertise about modeling. They have learned that it is popular to advise aspiring models against formal training often in favor of the photographer training you – sometimes “hands on”. Please understand that 1 in 500 photographers (since now days nearly everyone has become a photographer) is actually a fashion photographer. Also please realize that the quality fashion photographer is well worth top dollar for their best work. THUS NO TOP FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER WILL WORK ON TRADE unless they are lonely. Do not work on trade because you have lost control over the style and resulting images and may even be invoiced.  Very few photographers are using the right equipment.
There is nothing bad or wrong or improper about the human body. Just realize that however you pose today may come back to visit you later. Historically, this has occurred when someone won a major beauty contest. Often, this may occur when you have your own 14 year old child investigating where mom may have appeared on the web, using face recognition technology. Do not allow today’s drug desires to ruin your future family.  If you chose to go nude just realize that no conservative business can ever use your image if they find out – and they will find out.  Nude work is not the same as adult work. Adult work speaks directly to your complete lack of judgment or tainted views.
THERE IS NO MODELING TRAINING STIGMA. Everyone respects professional training in every field. Unfortunately the “chain” modeling schools all call themselves agents as part of their sales lure. You may be scouted, lured, discovered only to learn that you are the ONLY ONE WE WANT –if you pay $3,000 to $10,OOO for training. They introduce you to their fake modeling agent to further convince you that the investment is worthwhile. Often, as these “rip-off” chain schools close, their fake agents rush out to start their own model management company calling everyone else rip offs and creating false rip off reports about anyone that looks promising. The smaller the pond, in an ego driven industry, the more the fish are biting each other.
THERE ARE 60 HOURS worth of mandatory information taught at any quality modeling/acting or finishing school and rates up to $50 a training hour are considered moderate.  Without the training you will cost clients too much and will likely ruin things for many, including yourself.
In our opinion none of the chain schools had bad curriculum but some had underpaid instructors who were not working models. No modeling school should teach once a month. Once or twice a week is required. Practice hours should double the training hours.
Rogue agents drift in from anywhere and begin scouting to discover victims who will pay $2500 for their photo shoot. Any agent from out of town that uses “seminar sales techniques” may use false promises and hire slick models to give the “hopefuls” a proven sales presentation at a hotel. If they come from places like Las Vegas and promise parents and children that they will attend training once a month at a hotel, taught by an instructor (which they will hire sight unseen), pledging to you that someone from MGM or Disney will review you at graduation – those are LIES – just do the math. 15 suckers X $4900 each = ??? And their egos make them angry at those who point out their stupidity. But this is often a train-wreck  for models.
WORSE YET is the aspiring model that never bothers to notice the agent does not have a physical business address, a CITY license, a State business registration number or entity name, an actual business bank account, an actual land phone number (instead of a cell only). These are the reasons why models are not considered “Created Equal” – because they flock to those with big promises without knowing how to protect themselves for actual payment.

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