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The Effect Of Your Parents On Your Modeling Career

Written By onci on Friday, October 15, 2010 | 3:06 PM

By: David St.John
Parents always want the best for their children. Unfortunately modeling has many unfortunate connotations. Every hooker and porn star refer to themselves as ‘models’ These are tramps, by most standards, not models. Models actually model clothing and are expected to be quite proper model people.  Many men troll on the internet and find tawdry ads by ‘models’ that are not models. So if a man in your family forbids you to be a model, good luck.
Many have been models that slept around and did drugs. Those choices were not caused by being models, too many of nearly everyone has made bad choices.
Trained models schooled in modeling/finishing schools often have a better grip on life skills and self confidence than those who avoided the training.
Mothers who claim to be their child’s modeling agents often ruin your image with the best agents by telling the agent that mom knows more than any agent about what is best for you. True, mom knows you better but mom has not placed hundreds of models in paid gigs. Often mom is so far off beat that she puts you in free fashion shows year after year for prestige.
Any fashion show that doesn’t pay its models had better be a charity or it isn’t prestige, it is manipulation.
When a child requires a modeling or acting course, the really loving parent will provide it. Otherwise the child gets the message that they are a waste of money. When the parent makes excuses not to provide professional help for an aspiring model or actor it is sad because you may be over the perfect years for modeling by the time you can afford training on your own.
When a parent registers a child for a training program it is paramount that the parent follow the progress of the training and never allow your child to skip class or drop out. If a child drops out it sets an unfortunate pattern in their lives. Finish what you start, needs to be the message.
When selecting a modeling or acting or finishing school it may be important to avoid chain schools that google in awe over each applicant, telling you that they are the only one that got chosen, or promising you paid placement. That must not be part of the deal, if honest.
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