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            Some women pay a lot of attention to her nails. No doubt that they are willing to spend hours at a beauty salon to get beautiful fake nails. Regarding that women are born with beautiful fingers, they also take care of their nails. As a cosmetic beauty treatment, women can also buy manicure tools for themselves. So, they can do manicure and pedicure at home. There are things why women love their nails so much.
            The first one is the need of performing a maximum beauty. Imagining that a woman with a pretty face and a wonderful dress has ugly nails will make people look away. The first impression can come from how people shaking hands (which directly showing the nails). Thus, women can create a wonderful first impression through beautiful nails. There are various options of artificial nails suchlike solar nails with the fullest advantage. Women can get them refilled in a long term. Thus, women can be convenient with that as they do not need to replace the design in a short time. In the end, women can save much time and money by using artificial nails and the get maximum beauty.
            The second is the need to show off the true personality. People may browse one’s personality on how she maintains her nails. A woman can be so much sexier if she has beautiful nails both on her hands and feet. Dirty nails will only create a bad performance. Sometimes, people can conclude that someone’s loves to be clean as she can treat her fingers very well. For example, a woman who takes airbrush nails will get her nails done beautifully. The water-based paints will be sprayed by an airbrush (it can be by freehand sprays or airbrush over stencils) to the finger nails. That will show the personal taste of her over something or what characters he has.
            Women and nails are like best friends. Therefore, women will get the right treatment for her nails to get a fullest beauty.
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